Services for 4-6 month olds

We offer a different pathway of care for 4-6 month olds. This is because it can be harder to facilitate an infant of this age group to change the way they feed. Their compensatory movement patterns are more established and their newborn reflexes which help with feeding are now integrated. This means they will benefit from having a feeding therapy appointment ahead of surgery so we optimise their chances of transitioning their feeding to normal movement patterns post-op. 

It also will give you a chance to learn and practice aftercare ahead of the procedure and for your baby to become accustomed to having their mouth touched.

The initial appointment will be a consultation to assess if there are tethered oral tissues (Tongue, Lip or Buccal ties)

There will be an additional appointment for feeding therapy as described above.

If then proceeding with frenectomy then the information on this page will be relevant alternatively click the button below

We also offer the option of using conscious sedation and absorbable sutures for older babies. Please see the information for functional frenuloplasty on this page alternatively click the button below.