Fees from 1st December 2023

Functional Evaluations of Tongue/Lip/Buccal TiesFee
Birth to 6 months old
– Feeding Assessment
– Medical Consultation
6 months to 16 years old
– Functional evaluation by a physiotherapist
– Medical consultation
– Functional evaluation by a physiotherapist
– Medical consultation
Treatment costsFee
Treatment will be individualised based upon your or your child’s presentation
Infant frenectomy (Birth to 12 weeks) including feeding support/therapy and follow upfrom €595
Baby frenuloplasty (3 to 6 months) including pre and post-op feeding support/therapy, surgery under conscious sedation and follow upfrom €1725
Child/Adult frenuloplasty including pre and post-op feeding/myofunctional therapy, surgery and follow upfrom €2950

You will be provided with receipts that may allow you to claim further reimbursements from your Health Insurance Provider, depending upon your policy. Most health insurance companies will reimburse for a Lactation Consultation. Depending upon your policy you may be able to claim for a portion of the Medical Consultation.

All fees paid at the National Tongue Tie Centre are eligible as health expenses that can be claimed through your tax return. Please see further information from The Revenue here

Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation 2 working days prior to appointment: No charge 
  • Cancellation 1 working day prior to appointment: 50% of fee due 
  • Cancellation on the day: 100% of fee due

Glossary of Terms

Frenectomy is the release of a tie.

Functional Frenuloplasty is the release of a tie, suturing of the diamond-shaped surgical site vertically which negates the need for active management of the surgical site combined with Feeding Support/Therapy and/or Myofunctional therapy which helps to optimise functional outcome.

All surgery at the National Tongue Tie Centre is performed with a CO2 Laser, the optimal tool for soft tissue surgery.