World Class Service for infants, children and adults.

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Treatment for infants, children and adults.

We started frenectomy procedures in 2007 and have run our tongue tie clinic in its current location since 2017.

We now bring these years of experience, combining medical and therapeutic expertise, to offer the most comprehensive care available for patients with oral dysfunction.

Our aim is to optimise oral function for the lifetime. Correct tongue resting posture, a posterior swallow, and the ability to chew effectively can have far reaching effects. These help achieve habitual nasal breathing and allow correct development of the bony structures of the face and jaw.

When we treat infants we need to ensure they change the way they feed so when we free up their tongue movement with surgery they keep this new movement. As well as improving their feeding and digestive comfort now, we also need to set them up with optimal oral function for life.

With children we need to help them change their habits from the compensatory ones they have needed to develop, to correct functional patterns of movement. We need to engage them in a fun and functional way to ensure all our processes are very child-friendly.
For adults, compensations are likely ingrained and problems may now be more established, so we are often seeing issues like sleep apnoea, tension headaches, postural problems and TMJ dysfunction. We will take into account all these issues to ensure a holistic approach to care. All procedures with CO2 laser, the optimal tool for soft tissue surgery

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