Dr Justin RocheDr Justin Roche

Medical Director & Consultant Paediatrician MB ChB, FRCPCH, FRCPI(Paeds), IBCLC

Justin is a Consultant Paediatrician and a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH) and a Fellow of The Faculty of Paediatrics, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland and has registered with the Medical Council (Number 171584) under the Specialist Division for Paediatrics.

He has spent thousands of hours on continuing education having attended numerous conferences and courses on tongue tie, predominantly in the United States, in order to be at the forefront of care for infants, children and adults. He is also a former board member of the International Consortium of Ankyloglossia Professionals (ICAP). He is is a Fellow of the American Laser Study Club. Justin has presented on the management of Tongue Tie at International Conferences.

Justin’s interest in Tongue Tie dates back to 1999 when his first daughter was born. At 5 days old she had her tongue tie divided in Southampton. Six children and four tongue ties later, he returned to Southampton to start his training in how to divide tongue ties himself. He has been treating tongue ties since 2008 and leading a dedicated tongue tie clinic since 2010. Currently, Justin and the Team would assess and divide tongue-ties +/- lip ties in over one thousand infants, children and adults each year.

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